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Meet Michael


Michael J.Skaff  AIFD, AAF, PFCI
Paul R. Giguere

Who would have thought I'd start a company dealing with plants?  Granted, when I was a young boy going fishing with my dad and sister, they would find me not at the water's edge but admiring a perfectly symetrical bush, stately elm and often picking bunches of wild flowers to bring to my mom.

I guess that's where it all started - my love of flora. 

Fast forward to two years ago walking thru the atrium to the attorney's office to close on my Savannah home.  The atrium plants on either side of the walkway were overgrown, yellowed from improper care and infested with masses of mealy bug.  The slightest breeze as you passed by would set off a "snowfall" of white dust wafting down from the trees and lower plantings.

Having owned and operated Saff Interior Plant Designs in Massachusetts for 7 years before moving to Savannah, I realized there was not only a place but a need for my  knowledge and expertise in plant and soil science.  It was from these humble beginnings that Savannah Interior Plant Designs was born.

Savannah Interior Plant Designs is able to transform the worst looking indoor space into thriving and lush plantscape. From design, installation to maintenance, Savannah Interior Plant Designs will create beautiful environments of living plants.  Studies have shown that live plants provide a health benefit to both customers and employees in addition to being an effective decorative and esthetic element.  Interior plantscapes  from the simplest container garden to the more elaborate atrium can be a substantial monetary investment.  Proper plant care is essential (watering, pruning, fertilizing and insect control) in protecting this investment.  Call Savannah Interior Plant Designs today.  Let us prove our worth!


Michael has a fantastic pedigree, having concepted and designed for The White House, The Kennedy Center Honors, executive events, and magnificent weddings. He has also created an amazing array of innovative floral arrangements as FTD's chief designer, creating differentiated and beautiful arrangements you can't find elsewhere. He is meticulous, with incredible attention to detail, and a natural instinct, honed over the years, for color. He is passionate about his craft, but always willing to listen, be flexible, and consider new ideas. He's certifiably the best.

Full Client List Available Upon Request

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