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Weddings & Special Events 

Savannah's Premier Interior Plant Landscape Company

Savannah Interior Plant Designs and Florals is the only choice when it comes to beautifully creative floral arrangements and special events. We work with flower growers worldwide to bring the freshest product to our clients,  specializing in weekly florals for such companies as corporate offices, restaurants, hotels and private residences.  Our award-winning floral design team brings to life those special moments in life whether it be a wedding, anniversary party, baby shower, Bar and Bat mitzvah, or holiday event.

Wedding Venue
Purple Themed Wedding

“Working with brides is one of the best parts of my day.  Having experienced weddings from both a personal and professional perspective I understand how important it is for them to express their own unique style at this truly momentous life event. “

                                                                ~ Michael

Wedding Hall
Flower Cake
Flower Arrangements

“Fresh flowers are synonymous with weddings.  The emotional impact of beautiful blooms are set to express the tying together of two hearts for the rest of life’s journey. “  

                                                                ~ Michael

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