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Blue and Purple Bloomers in Trend

While warm colors like red and yellow can be found in abundance in the garden, blue is harder to come by. I’ve noticed that many times when a plant is called blue, it really is more of a purple color. Maybe we can call this “burple bloomers” instead? Nevertheless, let’s talk about some of our favorite blue and purple blooming plants!

  1. Baptisia

Also known as false indigo, baptisia is a striking perennial that blooms in spring to early summer. Its flowers are typically blue and purple but also come in white and yellow. Baptisia prefers full sun and is extremely drought tolerant. This plant will take a little while to establish, but once it is, it will take off. The pollinators love this plant, so add this to your garden to help save the bees!

  1. Butterfly Bush

This is another plant that the pollinators love, hence the name. Butterfly bush is a blooming shrub that produces vibrant sprays of deep pink, purple, and blue blooms. It is drought tolerant and loves the sun, but prefers a well-draining soil. Not only does this plant attract pollinators and add striking color to the garden, it is perfect for cut flower arrangements or in a container!

  1. Clematis

Clematis is a gorgeous vining plant that has several evergreen varieties. While the blooms come in a variety of colors, there are several blue and purple varieties, like the “Brother Stefan” variety. Clematis requires full sun, and needs at least 6 hours of sunlight for the optimal bloom. The plant needs well-draining soil and lots of water. Since clematis is a vining plant, it is commonly trellised. It makes the perfect decorative plant for an arbor or doorway and is great in ground or in a container!

  1. Evolvus

Also known as Blue Daze, evolvus is a carpet-like plant with a striking blue flower. It prefers full sun and slightly acidic, well-draining soil. This plant is drought tolerant and great for companion planting. While it can be used as a ground cover in the garden, it is also the perfect addition to a container or hanging basket. It has a draping habit that makes it a great “spiller” option for a potted arrangement.

  1. Lavender

I couldn’t forget this one! Lavender is a great addition to any garden or container. Not only does it have icy foliage and beautiful blue and purple blooms, it has a lovely scent. It is commonly used in essential oils and potpourri. Lavender prefers extremely well-draining soil and full sun. Be sure not to over-water lavender as that will stunt the growth of the plant.

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