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Care & Handling Pothos Plants

Pothos - Epipremnum Aureum The common Pothos is no longer common with many new varieties now available in the marketplace. We are now seeing marblized, yellow, white and many shades of green pothos being grown now. This low maintenance plant can handle all types of light from low indirect to bright light. For those of you who say you don't have a green thumb, well try growing a pothos plant. It's lovely vines will start trailing in no time. Great to place on shelves or use in hanging basket, pothos are also air purifiers.The ideal temperature for this plant is 60-70 degrees fahrenheit. Water throughly every 8-10 day but never let the plant sit in excess water. Use a general all purpose fertilizer about twice a year. Enjoy and yes you too can grow a pothos. For more information visit Savannah Interior Plant Designs on facebook.

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