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Chrysanthemums Bring Joy

It’s that time of year! The fall season is upon us, and even though it doesn’t feel that way outside, we can still get into the state of mind with plants and décor. Let’s talk about one of the most popular fall decorative plant- chrysanthemums. Commonly referred to as mums, this plant provides lush color and is easily cared for.

Mums are starting to filter into nurseries and stores and will be relatively easy to find throughout the season. I recommend keeping your mum in its nursery pot for a couple of reasons. You can easily slide the nursery pot into your own decorative planter at home. Mums prefer being watered from the bottom or the base of the plant, so you can just remove the pot and let it soak in a tub or saucer. They only bloom for 4-6 weeks, so keeping it in the nursery pot allows for an easy swap for a fresh mum. While mums do prefer full sun, they may need some afternoon shade here in Savannah. They require a moist, well-draining soil and a weak weekly fertilizer. Mums have an extremely thick root ball, so you may need to poke a few holes in the soil to allow for maximum water absorption. Be careful moving mums as they can break easily. However, broken mums can be used for floral arrangements. Mums come in a variety of vibrant colors from white, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple so they can be incorporated into any fall decorative arrangement.

If you need help incorporating mums and other fall fun into your space, call Savannah Interior Plant Designs at 508-801-6015. We can work with you to design, install, and maintain your natural fall décor.

Mums and symbolism

There are different meanings for mums depending on the part of the world. In Asia, mums signify a long and happy life. America has adopted that symbolism as well. In Greek mythology, chrysanthemums are protectors against evil spirits. However, in some cultures they are considered bad luck for gravesites. Lastly, in many areas in Europe, the mum signifies sympathy for loss.

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