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Fiddle-leaf Fig care and handling by Savannah Interior Plant Designs

The Fiddle-leaf fig plant has become extremely popular with consumers within the past couple of years due to the attractive lush unique foliage. The houseplant gets it’s common name from the fiddle shape and form of the thick leaf structure. This upright plant is now grown at the farm in two ways, either as a bush or standard tree form. 

Many consumers feel this plant is easy to maintain and for the most part it is, if given the right amount of light and water.   They thrive in bright light and grow quickly.  On average a fiddle-leaf can grow up to 5 feet or more per year but they required direct bright light.  In addition, the space between the leaves on a stem will be closer together when given ample light.  One way to tell if a fiddle-leaf is unhappy is if it is a slow grower.  The plant will also loose it’s luster and appear dull if not given enough sunlight.  If you notice the new growth foliage appear a bit small or yellow, this is another sign to increase the amount of sunlight.  This plant also does not favor being moved unless it is relocated to a sunnier spot.  Fiddle-leaf plants can tolerate 60-90 degrees fahenheight temperatures and can be placed outside in warm weather.  At Savannah Interior Plant Designs we suggest not placing your houseplants outside as they are more susceptible to attracting a wide range of insects.  Fertilize monthly during the growing period from Febuary through September with a weak solution of water soluble fertilizer.  We like to use a product called Peter’s 20-20-20 which can be purchased easily online or at your local garden center.  Keep the soil moderately moist and be very careful not to overwater as you will quickly get root rot and brown edging on the foliage.

Finally,  fiddle-leaf figs are rated in a NASA study to remove toxins from indoor air, reduce noice, and increase energy and health by lifting spirits. They suggest for healthy living and optimum health benefits place a green plant within every100 square feet in your home or office.  So, from the staff at Savannah Interior Plant Designs where our motto is “Creating A World of Beauty”, LIVE WELL!

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