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Lady Palm Care & Handling

Here at Savannah Interior Plant Designs we search for the best quality plant growers throughout the country. Rhapis Excelsa or more commonly known as Lady Palm. Elegant and easy care, these palms are commonly used to bring life to patios and interior settings. The decorative ornate fronds are ribbed lengthwise and the tips appear as if they were trimmed with pinking shears. Commercially grown in Florida and Hawaii with the Hawaiian grown known to be more durable. Thrives in low to high light with medium filtered light being the best situation. Ideal temps of 60-75 degrees and keep the soil evenly moist. Feed only in the summer months and stop by early fall. It is important to not over fertilize these plants. As an interior plant landscape firm we focus on the design aspect bringing both commercial and residential customers a creative approach. Call 508-801-6015 for more.

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