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Ornamental cabbage is our second most popular Fall pick

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

At Savannah Interior Plant Designs we love providing gardening advise to all. Now looking forward to the Fall season our company is happy to provide you with a fresh new planting and weekly maintainence.

-full sun to partial shade

-moist, well-draining soil

Ornamental cabbage is so easy and hardy and comes in many varieties. While they are closely related to the edible versions of kale and cabbage, they are bitter and aren’t eaten. Nonetheless, they provide unexpected fall color. The plant has a frilly, whimsical texture and typically will show off colors of purple and pink. There are also white varieties that can provide a neutral color that’s easy to combine with more showy or colorful plants. You can group these plants together to provide a full and lush showcase. They also make for a unique centerpiece for your table or entryway. Ornamental cabbage prefers full sun, but may need some afternoon shade here in Savannah. They prefer a moist, well-draining soil and can survive low temperatures, although they do not appreciate extreme temperature changes. You can add this easy plant to your life just about anywhere- from home to the office!

Savannah Interior Plant Designs,LLC

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