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Supertunias are Super!

Petunias are one of the most popular flowering annuals. They do well in beds, baskets, and planters and will produce an abundance of blooms. As with any beloved plant, scientists and gardeners are always looking for ways to improve and prolong the plant. Enter supertunias! Supertunias are a breed of petunias that have more flower power and are more resilient.

While I’m sure most of us love a good petunia, supertunias could be a better option for you! They handle heat and humidity better (Savannah, I’m looking at you.) They also have more blooms and leaves, and a more compact root system. This means that they adapt to containers better and will also have a spilling habit in a hanging basket. Some varieties will trail up to 36 inches out. There are so many color varieties of supertunia so there are endless ways to incorporate them into your garden.

Supertunias require at least 6 hours of sun daily for their full bloom potential. Like other heavy blooming summer annuals, supertunias are heavy feeders! They will need to be fed with a water-soluble fertilizer once a week to keep them thriving. Supertunias prefer moist soil but will let you know when they need water. They will start to droop if they become too dry and while they will bounce back, this is stressful to the plant so try to avoid it. Supertunias are self-cleaning, so there isn’t a need to deadhead spent blooms. The plant can get leggy in the middle of summer, so this is a good time to cut back some of the longer stems.

Supertunias are easy to incorporate into any outdoor space. If you need help with this, call Savannah Interior Plant Designs at 508-801-6015. We will work with you and your budget to design, install, and maintain your garden space. As always, we strive towards creating a world of beauty.

Supertunia Quick Facts

  • more flower power and leaves

  • smaller root system that allows for healthier transition to baskets and containers

  • self-cleaning, no need for deadheading

  • 6+ hours of sun

  • moist soil, daily watering in extreme heat

  • trim back once they get leggy, around mid-summer

  • heavy feeders

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