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The Benefits of Plants for Healthy Living

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Who doesn’t love plants? There are so many varieties for any type of space. Not only do plants look good, they provide several health benefits to make you feel good.

One of the most important benefits of having plants indoors is better air quality. According to Science Daily, plants improve air quality by 3 main processes. First, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Second, they increase humidity. Lastly, they can absorb pollutants through the leaves and soil. Improving air quality goes hand in hand with the other benefits of indoor plants, such as reducing stress and anxiety, boosting your mood, and relieving fatigue.

Another important benefit off having indoor plants is boosting productivity. According to Click and Grow, plants can increase productivity by making your environment more welcoming, facilitating creativity, and reducing noise levels. Research shows that looking at the color green before a creative task can help with creative output.

Adding plants to your home or office space has endless benefits! Not everyone has a green thumb, or even has time for one! Call Savannah Interior Plants Designs at 508-801-6015 if you need help designing, installing, and maintaining your indoor garden. As always, we strive to create a world of beauty!


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