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Vertical Gardens Catch the Eye

We all know the benefits of having plants in our lives. They can improve air quality, lift your mood, help sustain your body, and brighten your space as a decorative element. If you are anything like me, you may be running out of space for all your plants. Or maybe you have a blank wall in your home that just needs something. Vertical gardens are the perfect option. Not only do they save space by taking up vertical room, but they are a great decorative option for your home or work space.

Indoor Vertical Gardens

The first thing to consider with any vertical garden is the container or way of displaying the plants. There are so many different ways to create a vertical garden container system. You can easily make one with household items or find one online that is ready to be installed or planted. If it is indoor, you want something without holes in the bottom. You can control the water intake easier by adding plastic saucers underneath the plants. When planning your indoor vertical garden, survey the light in your space. If you do not have enough natural light, you may have to consider supplemental lighting. You can easily find grow lights online and some vertical container systems come with the supplemental lighting. Next is the fun part- picking plants! If your lighting isn’t the best and you don’t want to worry about supplemental lighting, you still have options! You can choose from a variety of pothos, hoya, nerve plant, and even Christmas cactus. If you have all the light you need, a great option is an indoor vertical herb garden. With this design, you can have fresh herbs year-round to add to recipes, oils, or potpourri. In any indoor garden, humidity can be a battle. If your space has low humidity, consider a humidifier or you can finely mist the plants with a spray bottle. Your options are limitless with the right design and proper care!

Outdoor Vertical Gardens

I find that outdoor vertical gardens are easier to design and maintain. Plants seem to thrive outdoors much more than they do inside. Nonetheless, proper consideration and design is needed for a lush outdoor vertical garden. Outdoors, a container system with excellent drainage is ideal. Mother Nature is fickle and cannot be controlled, so good drainage keeps the plants from drowning. When picking plants for your outdoor vertical garden, pay attention to the light on the wall. You will want to put plants that require the least amount of water at the top and plants that prefer more water on the bottom. There are so many plant options when planning an outdoor vertical garden. You can have a veggie garden, herb garden, foliage garden, etc. All it requires is some careful planning and proper care.

At Savannah Interior Plant Designs, we understand that not everyone has the time to plan an outdoor vertical garden. We’re here to help! We can help design, install, and maintain your vertical garden or any other part of your plant life. Call us at 508-801-6015 to start creating your world of beauty!

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