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 Interior Plant Landscape Design & Maintanence



Savannah Interior Plant Designs will create a beautiful environment for your corporate office space. Incorporating live fresh plants into the office helps promotes a healthy envirorment for staff and guests visiting your location.  Live foliage and flowering plants provide ambience, color, and clean air for well being.

We also provide a weekly maintanence service where one of our horticultural technicians will water, fertilize, prune, and provide insect control. We love answering questions in regards to plant care and our techs are more than happy to assist. Using our design expertise in color, texture and proportion we can supply distictive designer pots and planters to fit any decor or budget.

Whether you're a new company or already have plants, we look forward to transforming your space and servicing your account with quality plants and superior customer service.

Bringing greenery into your office will "Create a World Of Beauty".

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Interior Plant Landscape Design & Maintenance 


At Savannah Interior Plant Designs we provide personal plant design, installation and maintenance for homes throughout the Savannah area. Our interiors are designed with the perfect balance of plants with color, texture, unique forms as well as interesting foliages. Growers throughout the country and Canada provide us with numerous varieties. Sourcing just the right container and having a keen eye for design, our staff understands how to make your home come alive. We also provide weekly maintainence so you never have to worry about plant care. Our award-winning floral designers can also assist if you want a custom silk or permanent arrangement to compliment your decor. Let us "Create A World of Beauty" for your home.

Call for a free consultation 508-801-6015

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